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Who can resist a Greek column? Temple of Boom is coming to NGV Gardens

The Parthenon: the supreme symbol of Western society and a global architectural feat. For the 2022 NGV Architecture Commission, Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang present an evocative reimagining of the Parthenon: Temple of Boom.

As an annual series in the NGV Garden, the NGV Architecture Commission encourages Australian architects to create site-specific temporary architectural works. The Temple of Boom goes above and beyond, embodying the Parthenon’s correlation to civilization, democracy, art and perfection – celebrating these themes while simultaneously manipulating them.

Creative Industries Minister Steve Dimopoulos said: “A subject close to my heart, this year’s NGV Architecture Commission reinvents an ancient Greek icon while celebrating all things Melbourne – architecture, art and music. It offers the whole community a place to meet, connect, reflect and even dance while showcasing the excellence of Victorian design.

Like the Parthenon, Temple of Boom will be painted by various Melbourne artists to evoke the passage of time through art and architecture between antiquity and modernity. Through their project, Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang ask us to consider the effect of time on architecture, challenging the audience through various contexts of the collision of two time periods in the Temple of Doom.

boom temple

Tony Ellwood, director of the NGV, says: “One of the most famous examples of classical architecture, the Parthenon in Athens is often considered a powerful symbol of Western art and culture. This thought-provoking work by Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang invites us to reflect on how we create and give meaning to architecture, and how that meaning can evolve across time and culture.

And in the spirit of Melbourne, Temple of Boom is envisioned as a meeting place for the community and an outdoor venue for a diverse program of performances, programs and live music hosted by NGV throughout the 2022 summer period.

boom temple

Temple of Boom will be on display from November 16, 2022 at the National Gallery of Victoria Gardens.

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