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This Kyoto Zen Buddhist Temple Teaches Zazen Meditation Online

Quarantine and self-isolation are taking their toll and the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is worrying even the best of us. If you are looking to calm your mind and relieve your stress, the Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto shares some Zazen meditation techniques you can practice at home. This information and engaging video is narrated by Deputy Chief Priest, Daiko Matsuyama, and comes with English subtitles.

Zazen meditation comes from Zen Buddhism; it is said to reveal insight into the nature of existence by focusing on the present moment. The introduction video above offers some techniques to help you get started with Zazen meditation. You’ll get a quick and easy lesson on sitting, posture, and breathing.

In addition to the introductory lesson, the temple also provided a series soothing videos to help you practice Zazen meditation. They feature calming scenes from the temple’s 500-year-old landscaped garden, including Cherry tree trees along a trickling waterfall, cherry petals falling in a quiet rock garden, and more beautiful scenery.

Each video gives you a meditation session of around 10 minutes, but you can loop them so you can meditate for as long as you want. The temple also suggests viewing each video with noise-canceling headphones, so you can really feel transported there.

Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple is usually open for tours, calligraphy and seated meditation classes, and a Japanese tea experience. Unfortunately, the temple has currently suspended most classes due to the coronavirus, but these videos are a great way to learn about Zen Buddhism – and Kyoto – from the comfort of your own home.

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