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Take a free bus tour of the amazing Underground Temple of Disaster Prevention in Saitama

If you’ve seen Tokyo’s most famous tourist attractions before, you’ll want to set your sights on some of the more remote places in and around the capital. One of these places is the other world Underground discharge channel outside the metropolitan area in Kasukabe, Saitama prefecture.

Affectionately known as the Underground Temple of Disaster Prevention, the tunnel is a whopping 50 meters underground and is used to prevent flooding in the greater Tokyo area during a major natural disaster such as a tsunami or typhoon. . When not in use, the massive tunnel is open to the public for viewing. Its towering architecture has made it a popular spot for visitors – it has even been used as a filming location for music videos and other projects.

Although this is a spectacular sight, the tunnel is a bit difficult to access if you don’t have a car. Fortunately, the tunnel is now more accessible than ever as the Asahi Motor Corporation runs a free shuttle between Kasukabe Station and the Underground Temple until January 31.

Photo: Manuelascanio / Dreamstime

The bus ride takes only 20 minutes and it runs several times a day on a daily schedule. The bus also stops at Showa Roadside Station for those wishing to purchase souvenirs or snacks for the road. For the complete bus schedule, visit here.

Do you prefer a guided tour? Tobu Railway offers a “guided tour” package that will take you directly to the underground temple from central Tokyo. The tour is completely free and includes a 1,000 meal ticket, a guided tour of the underground temple, and round-trip transportation from Tokyo. This is a guided tour, which means that guests should share their experiences on social media.

If this underground tunnel sounds like your type of excursion, you can find more information, including details on how to join the tour on the website.

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