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Moose Jaw Elks Donates Funds to Trudie Temple Music Scholarship

Money raised from the concession at Gutheridge Field much of the donation supporting local students

Fans who competed in the Rural 5A High School Football League this past season were repeatedly encouraged to sample “the best hot dogs in southern Saskatchewan” and grab a cup of something hot while they were there.

Little did they know that with every dog ​​liked and coffee consumed, fans were pouring money into a scholarship program to help music students pursue their educational dreams.

On the afternoon of March 11, the Prairie South School Division received a special donation from Moose Jaw Elk’s Lodge, with a pair of checks for $2,875 earmarked for the Trudie Temple Music Scholarship, which annually donates funds to a deserving high school student. .

The majority of funds raised came from the Gutheridge Field franchise, which was back in action during the football season last fall.

“We were hoping to do this two years ago but couldn’t due to COVID so we’re very happy to help out again,” said Art Watson of Elk’s Lodge and regular league game scorer. from high school.

Trudie Temple, of course, is one of the namesakes behind Temple Gardens. Longtime patrons of the arts in the community, Trudie and Cal Temple built the popular event venue in 1921 and saw it become the center of social activity in Moose Jaw. Their continued dedication to music in the Band City eventually saw the Elks establish the Trudie Temple Music Scholarship in 1979, and the honor has been bestowed ever since.

“We are always happy whenever we receive scholarship money because the children receive money to go to school and advance their studies, and that is why we are here,” said Ron Purdy, chief financial officer of the Prairie South School Division.

The award is presented annually “to a student who has made a significant contribution in music to their school and community.”

Although the funds will help replenish the scholarship after the pandemic has made for some difficult years, the hope is to add him and others to the Benevity online scholarship fundraising program in the near future for further strengthen support.

“With some of the scholarships over the years, and especially the smaller ones, inflation kind of made them less financially significant,” Purdy explained. “Some are under $100 because they started in 1960, so it would be nice to bump them up and help make sure people remember what the scholarship was created for.”

The Elks, meanwhile, plan to continue their ongoing fundraising activities, including their recently launched weekly meat raffles and a wide range of events throughout the summer months. It all goes directly back to the community, with over $22,000 raised in 2017 alone.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MooseJawElksLodge and check their website at www.moosejawelks.com for the latest information.