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Heritage Walk to Srirangam Temple

Participants from different age groups and from different walks of life who took part in the heritage walk to Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple organized by Abhyasam, a group of heritage enthusiasts based in Tiruchi, were able to learn about the practices, the history and architecture of the temple. and the pasurams of Azhwars.

The nearly three-hour walk inside the temple complex covering different shrines including Vittal Krishna sannidhi, Venugopalaswamy sannidhi and Shukra Vaara Krishnar sannidhi was organized as part of the Krishna Jayanthi festival.

The theme for the heritage walk was “Krishnanubhavam”. During the walk, participants were briefed by Ramkumar Ravindran, a psychologist, Indian heritage enthusiast and founder of Abhyasam, on the chronological history and architectural elements of the Srirangam temple and the different perspectives of Lord Krishna. As part of the walk, participants heard the story of Govardhan and Lord Krishna’s appreciation for the environment.

Around 35 participants took part in the march which started from ‘Sesharayar Mandapam’ near ‘Vellai Gopuram’. “The Heritage Walk offers people the opportunity to experience our rich and glorious history, our way of life, our philosophy, our traditions, our values ​​in addition to the grandeur of our architecture,” said J. Prasanth, member of ‘Abhyasam.

The Abhyasam has organized six heritage walks to various historical and heritage sites in and around Tiruchi including Thiruvanaikoil Sri Akilandeswari Jambukesarar Temple, Tiruverumbur Sri Erumbeeswarar Temple and Kudagu Malai on the way to Pudukottai. ‘Rangotsavam’ – a coloring activity – was organized after the conclusion of the walk by the Abhyasam during which the children colored the pictures of little Krishna.