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asi: Trichy: ASI will renovate the Chola temple in Thanjavur | News from Trichy

TRICHY: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Trichy circle has started the preparation of cost estimate for the renovation of an early Chola temple managed by HR&CE department at Pullamangai in Thanjavur district. The nomination is the first of its kind in the circle which came into existence in October 2020. Historians have praised efforts to protect and promote the temple, which is considered one of the architecturally rich ancient temples.
Thiruvalandhurai Mahadevar temple also known as Brahmapuriswara temple is located near the Cauvery about 15 km from Thanjavur. Based on the style and architecture of the temple, the ASI estimates the period of construction in the 9th century.
However, the Chola Historical Research Society, pointing to the reference made in the poem by the famous Saivite Tamil poet Sambandar, argued that the temple existed even in the 7th century.
Over the centuries, various Chola kings, including Raja Raja Chola I, Aditha Karikalan, and Kulothunga Chola III, made donations to the temple, such as tax-free land. The temple’s granite vimana and carvings such as Lingodhbava, Durga, and small carvings depicting arts and music were considered the finest architecture.
Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, a few more shrines were built at the temple. However, as the temple with its rich and rare architecture was not renovated according to the methods of archaeological conservation, historians asked the ASI Trichy circle to take over the temple for maintenance.
“The Pullamangai Temple should ideally be maintained by ASI rather than HR&CE. The extraordinary architecture deserves proper oversight,” said Ayyampettai N Selvaraj, president of the Cholas Historical Research Society.
Meanwhile, ASI offered to renovate the temple but hand it over to HR&CE for maintenance.
“We have started the preparation of the cost estimate, once our headquarters approve it, we will communicate with HR&CE. The state government will bear the cost of the renovation,” Arun Raj T said. , chief archaeologist of the ASI Trichy circle.
Once the renovation is complete, the lesser-known ancient temple could attract the attention of more archeology enthusiasts, historians added.