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Ag defends government on Temple Eo display | Vijayawada News

VIJAYAWADA: The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Monday reserved orders in a batch of filed petitions challenging the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer (EO) to Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Devastanam to Ahobilam Pooch.
Long arguments have been made about the powers of the state government to appoint an EO to the temple which is part of the Mutt.
Senior Counsel Sridharan and WB Srinivas argued on behalf of the claimants. They said the state government has no power to appoint an EO to the temple which is part of the Mutt.
The maintenance of the Mutt and the temple has been carried out by the head of the Mutt for six centuries.
The Mutt temple is an integral part of the Mutt and it cannot be considered separately, they argued.
Advocate General S Sriram pleaded on behalf of the state government stating that any temple in the state will come under the Endowment Act subject to certain conditions of its income and pilgrim attendance. The state government does not interfere with any activity of the Mutt, but only regulates temple activities according to law. Even though the temple is in the Mutt, it must be governed according to law. He said that although many temples in Tamil Nadu are part of various Mutts, they are governed by the Endowments Act, he said.